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Grow your business quickly

The best way to create new customers is to engage people that are visiting your website and already know your product.

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Anonymous Website Visitors

97% of website visitors do not convert. Our Shadow PiXL tool allows you to gather a physical address and email from 40% of anonymous visitors.


Data Collection

We resolve the identity of the IP address to collect data that is 99.9% accurate. We also grab the referring URL and the pages visited and search terms used while on your website.





Data Flow

Where the data goes is up to you, but it’s yours to keep. We have three simple solutions for you to get your data:

  • Send data directly into your CRM
  • Get daily emails with CSVs of your data
  • Log-in to our dashboard and view/download the data at your leisure


Easily see all of your campaigns, media channels, and responses in one single view.  Know what markets and strategies are performing best, and interact with your customer directly from the system.




37 Unit Auto Dealership Client

Average Monthly Spend per Dealer: $5000

Average Monthly New/Used Sold: 26 Units

Average Monthly Service RO’s: 237

This is our biggest vertical with over 300 rooftops. We consistently perform better than the dealer’s baseline CPA. Our retention rate hovers in the mid 90% range.


Financial Services Client

Return to Website: 8.9%

Lead Conversion Rate: 4%

Average Cost Per Lead $28.69

They were using social and web retargeting, but they wanted to add to the effectiveness of their strategy. With the cost/lead under $30, they knew that they had a winning recipe.


Home Services Client

Return to Website: 7%

Qualified Incoming Leads: 137

Average Cost Per Lead: $224

The retargeting is about performance for each business. The client had a close rate of 10%. This program delivered 13 new customers generating over $260,000 in revenue (8.5x return on ad spend)



How does Shadow PiXL compare?

Glad you asked.  On the surface, all three have a similar goal to know who is on your website.  With that in mind, we can break down the three strategies to show why Shadow PiXL is the obvious choice when trying to remarket to anonymous website visitors.





Number of data points used to collect data 12 1 1
Number of filter options Endless 0 0
GDPR Compliant Yes No No
CCPA Compliant Yes No No
Works with mobile apps Yes Yes No
Syncs profile info across browsers Yes Yes No
Accurate location reporting Yes No No
Remains consistent over time Yes No No
Ability to blacklist & whitelist referring domains Yes No No
Ability to blacklist & whitelist referring zip codes Yes No No
Data can be downloaded | Owned by client Yes No No





Frequently Asked Questions

Is this the same as a Facebook or Google retargeting pixel?

No. Our technology goes one step further by identifying the person behind the visit and not just the cookie or IP address. 


How do the new Apple privacy laws affect this strategy?

Apple’s iOS update is regarding geotracking data and background tracking while using apps. The PiXL technology does not use cookies or background tracking in order to discover the data captured, and is not affected by the new policy.


What attributes are captured?

With a 99% accuracy, we capture name, address, email, phone, mobile ad id (MAID), referring URL, and the URL path during the visit.


Who owns the data?

You. The data is captured daily into your campaign, and is available for download at any time.

How long until marketing goes out?

Identified visitors typically get queued up for email the day after they visit your site. Facebook and Instagram audiences will be updated daily, so your new leads could see the social ads within 24 hours. New prospects can expect to receive your postcard within 3-5 days of visiting your site. 


Is there a commitment required?

Yes, we find a commitment allows clients to maximize their success. All programs require a 6-month commitment with a minimum budget.


Is this legal?

Yes, our product is being used by some of the largest companies in the United States. It has been thoroughly vetted by Hudson Cook, one of the top privacy law firms in the country.